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Gray/Black Water Storage & Disposal

Fresh Water Storage & Supply


All facilities and services will comply with Governmental and Industry standards, giving special attention to facilities patrons well being and delivering a facility or service that exceeds our clients expectations. 


Kastel’s team of highly experienced professionals understand the sensitivity and needs of individuals and first responders, service providers, support personnel and residential support patrons. Our team will provide for immediate local emergency contacts, emergency and non-emergency response, clear communication of all procedures and a safe and secure habitat for all occupants and staff. 

Our team is committed to providing facilities, services and individual support items for a contract using local labor and vendors, as much as possible.  Every effort is made to help the locally affected community and to maximize the economic impact.

When working with private and/or Oil and Gas clients, Kastel understands the importance and need for rapid response to critically affected areas.  Our team focuses on working with onsite client leadership to ensure the response and facilities et exactly what our client requires.  This team-oriented approach allows Kastel to effectively handle any request, no matter the location. 

All our team members are highly seasoned response management professionals and technicians who work with our locally, national and globally experienced subcontractors in the support of crisis situations. These professionals have responded to disasters and shelter support missions from both natural and cultural events around the world.  This experience in disaster response, relief and shelter support services allows the Kastel team to efficiently manage and execute a project with success.


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