Man Camps

We can integrate both membrane and hard-wall structure systems to support  complete billeting and habilitation for Responders, Military (FOB) Operations, Relief Workers, Contractors, and also for support.
Health & Wellness
Moral, Welfare & Recreation (MWR)

Site Prep

Site Maintenance

Engineering & Grading


Power Supply & Distribution


Hard or Soft Sided Tents

Modular Structures

Self- Contained Containers

Customizable Sleeping Facilities

VIP, Jack & Jill Style Rooms

Mobile Command Center

Office & Classroom Facilities

Permanent Steel Building 

Full Service Laundry Facilities

Self Service Laundry Facilities

Site Business Centers

Stationary Fuel Tanks

Mobile Fuel Tanks


Restroom Trailer Units


Shower Facilities

Portable Waste Management

Portable Water Management


Security & Perimeter Control

Photo ID's & Check-In

Guest Relations

Hotel style check-in/check-out

Site Business Centers

Secured Wireless Internet  

Non-secured Wireless Internet

Satellite TV

Catering  On-site or Mobile

24-Hour Food Dinning/Snack

Recreation Facility


Kastle Base camps are deployed and assembled in compliance with applicable Military, International, US Federal, State, and local regulatory standards and codes.

We assist clients with site selection, engineering and site planning, site layout, camp oversight and post event site reclamation.  Our support efforts may include:  Arial GPS, pre and post event site assessment, arranging short term land leases with property owners, and any decontamination requirements.

Demobilization includes a return to original condition with land owner site inspection and approval. Our team has worked in some of the most challenging countries & environments in the world for Military and US State Department efforts of the US, Italy and other NATO countries, as well as, oil & gas and major Engineering, Procurement and Construction(EPC) companies.


Services Offered
We offer “Turn-Key” Base Camp Assets and Services. 
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