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Services Offered
Permitting Assistance
Project Planning

Temporary Office & Conference Structures

Stationary & Mobile Refueling


Port-a-potties & Toilet Trailers

Dining Facilities 


End-to-end Man Camp

Man Camp support

Hand Washing Stations

Shower Trailers

Storage & Warehouse Structures

Blast Resistant Structures

Containment Structures


Custom Structures

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We assist clients with site selection, engineering and site planning, site layout, camp oversight and post event site reclamation.  Our support efforts may include:  Arial GPS, pre and post event site assessment, arranging short term land leases with property owners, and any decontamination requirements.
Kastel’s team of highly experienced professionals understand the sensitivity and needs of individuals and first responders, service providers, support personnel and residential support patrons. Our team will provide for immediate local emergency contacts, emergency and non-emergency response, clear communication of all procedures and a safe and secure habitat for all occupants and staff.